SCREEN2SWF is an easy-to-use screen recorder that helps you to create impressive software tutorials with sound, annotation, text and images.It supports flash movie and self-play exe file as output. With special SSCV2 technology inside, the file size is incredible small.


  • The smallest file size and highest compression ratio for screen video.
    The inside SSCV2 technology is a special codec which provides a higher compression ratio for screen video than others. For more information, please visit: Small file size means less time is needed for transferring on the internet and easier for sharing.
  • Capture of screen and sound
  • Editing
    • Add text, annotation and images.
    • Zoom in/out, focusing effects.
    • Fade-in/out effects.
    • Cut clip or insert delays.
    • Optimize frame: remove unwanted internal frames.
  • Save
    • Support SWF, AVI and EXE format.
    • The smallest file size for SWF and EXE format in the world. Compare to other screen recorder, SSCV2 technology can compress the video with about 2 TIMES ratio for the same contents and quality. That is to say, the file will take only half time to be transferred on internet.
    • Support separated file for flash movie, (one SWF and one video file in separate) which can protect your movie from downloading.
    • Support URL binding, which can protect your movie to be used on other site.
  • Load/Save projects



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