How to get small file size?

There are several tips for you to get smaller file:

  1. try lower screen-resolution or partial recording.
  2. set lower FPS. Normally, 2 FPS is enough for most software tutorials.
  3. use ¡®frame optimizing¡¯ function to remove unnecessary frames.
  4. make desktop simple, hide unnecessary icons, shortcuts, and use simple themes and disable wall papers.
  5. if you care more about file size than quality, try ¡®Grayscale¡¯ mode. It will save about 30-40% bytes.

How to insert a SWF file into a HTML page?

Most HTML editor support insert SWF file as an ¡®object¡¯. You can also edit code in text. For sample: 

<OBJECT classid= MOVIE_HEIGHT sid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000"
codebase="http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version= 9,0,0,0"
<param name= "Movie"
value=" PATH_OF_SWF ">

Can I add background music?

The answer is Yes, if your sound card supports ¡®Stereo Mixer¡¯ as source channel for recording. Open property of sound, select ¡®record¡¯, then you can choose the source channel between ¡®microphone¡¯ and others.

How to protect my flash movie from being used outside my website?

Check ¡®URL protecting¡¯ option in ¡®Settings¡¯ dialog of flash movie, and input the domain of your site into the edit box. The flash movie will check its URL for this string. It will not play if the movie file is not on the right website.

Why SCREEN2SWF is not freeware?

We have 2 screen recorder products based on SSCV2. One is SCREEN2EXE, the other is SCREEN2SWF. SCREEN2EXE is a freeware because most of its users are home users who share their recorded movies with friends. They trust each other, so EXE format could be possible.

After SCREEN2EXE is developed, we have done lots of research to develop a decoder based on AS3 of Flash 9, and now we got SCREEN2SWF. It is designed for business user and costs us so much effort, so we decide to publish it as try-before-buy software with a cheap price for each license.

How to purchase? Will the upgrade be free?

To purchase a license online,

You can also contact us for off-line purchasing,

The upgrade policy is 1-year free upgrade.


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