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Stepok Screen Codec v2

Stepok Screen Codec v2, the second generation Stepok Image Lab codec, is a specially designed codec for recording and compressing screens.

Why Compression is So Important?

Saving screen changes in the original data format a one minute video could use 270MB - using a 1024x768 true colour as a sample:

1024 x 768 x 3(RGB) x 60(s) x 2(frames per sec) = 283115520B = 276480KB = 270MB )

A normal 500GB hard-drive can only save about 27 hours of video as well as also taking about 30 minutes to send a one minute video through a 512K ADSL link. In comparison, a good compression will ensure a smaller file size and that equates to less space needed for storage and less time on sharing. Time is money so it is well worth it to find a better compression method.

For an office style screen, SSCV2 can achieve a 100-400K output per minute, a compression ratio over 600:1. For webpage style with many photos and animations, SSCV2 can achieve 2-4M per minute, a compression ratio over 70:1.

What Is The Common Way to Compress Screen Video For Other Softwares?

General screen recording software and remote controlling software contains compression abilities based on LZW. This function usually involves three steps:

  • 1,Lower the colour depth from 24 bits to 16 bits, or even 8 bits.
  • 2. Use lossless compression, usually LZW, to process one frame.
  • 3. In P frame, do a simple compression between this frame and the last frame and then compress the changed area.

Other software may even uses standard MPEG serials coded to compress screens. However, neither LZW nor MPEG options are the best solutions for a composed video like a screen. The LZW method may have good compression ratio on text and icons but bad performance on photos and animations. In contrast, MPEG serials have better performance on photos but poor compression ratio on text and icons. An answer and specialised method to achieve great compression is SSCV2.

Compared to Others, How is the Performance of SSCv2?


Office Style - text and icons
Webpage Style - text, images and videos
Normal LZW
Normal LZW

Compression Ratio

MPEG - represents compression of an AVI file.
LZW - Most other screen recorder claims the 'high compression ratio' are using LZW-like algorithms, lossless compression for adaptive 256 or more colours, to compress frames and the differences between the frames.

Compression Ratio

Compare to remote desktop protocal (RDP)

Although RDP is not a compression algorithm, running with the same conception, we can still compare it with SSCV2 on how efficient they transfer and record screens. For RDP, we note that the received bytes, when running a remote desktop at the same time, record it with SSVC2 with the same quality and then compare the file size and the received bytes.

The testing resulted in the outcome that SSCV2 has up to a 30% smaller output than RDP.

In theory, RDP, based on transferring primitive drawing command, could be much more efficient than transferring compressed, rendered images and surfaces such as SSCV2, however the testing showed this not to be the case.

If you happen to find another screen recorder that does better than SSCV2 in compression for the same contents and quality, please contact us.

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