Screen Record

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through our FAQs for more information on our screen recording and compression software.


  • Q. Are your products supported by Windows Vista/7/8....?
    A. Yes, our products are compatible with various Windows applications from XP to the latest versions.
  • Q. Is there a MAC version of Stepok software?
    A. Not currently.
  • Q. How long does the trial version last?
    A. You can use the trial version for 60 days from installing the software.
  • Q. Are there any function limits in the trial version?
    A. The trial version has no functional limits. The trial version and paid version are the same.
  • Q. What is the relationship between ScRec, SSCV2 and Screen Anytime?
    A. While based on the same platform, the software provides different function sets or improvements in compression ratios, quality and speed.
  • Q. Is there a trial version for Screen Anytime simple edition
    A. Not any more. We had a trial version of simple edition. But, someuser£®lots of, in fact) didn't reallize that it must work with server. They kept asking us why they can not replay the movie.Then, to avoid such mis-understanding, we are now providing only the workstation edition as the trial.The simple edition have same function in recording and upload as workstation edition, except the local management and replaying module.


  • Q. Can I use Stepok Screen2EXE (free) for commercial purposes?
    A. Yes, but please do not bring the software into disrepute.
  • Q. Are these any time limits for the license after I purchase the software?
    A. No, you can use the software for as long as you want after purchase.
  • Q. Can I upgrade to new versions?
    A. Yes, Screen Anytime license can upgrade freely within 6 minor version.e.g. a 5.0 license can upgrade to 5.6, a 4.8 license can upgrade to 5.4. The 6 times of minor version changing normally will take 3 years.After that, to use latest version, you shall be required to purchase again (with discount). Or, you can keep using the current version with no time limits.
  • Q. How can I retrieve my License Key if I have lost it?
    A. You can contact us (link to Contact Us) with the original order reference number or registered email address to get your License Key. This belongs to the support service.
  • Q. Is it safe to place an order online?
    A. Most orders are processed by Avangate to provide security and peace of mind when ordering online.
  • Q. Can I purcharse from my local resellers?
    A. Yes. We have some listed resellers, not too many, please feel free to contact us and find out one for you. Or, you can simplely contact any of your favored resellers, ask them to place order with us for you. They are alwayse welcome.
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